Thursday, June 30, 2011

The first one!

It took me about 30 minutes to decide this was going to be the first sentence on my first post! I don't know how to start these but i figure i have to start somewhere. So... today had to be one of top 5 most disappointing days EVER. Here's how it all began...
 I lost my passport. How someone loses something that important I have no idea, but i did. Of course. So its grampa's 80th birthday, mum has plans to go in July, i figure that its a perfect time to go too. Anyone who knows my family knows that we wait until the last minute for things, so dad only got my ticket about 12 days before I'm due to go. Put my 2 weeks in at work because im supposedly not coming back for a while. Thinking I was all set, I call the British Consulate to set up for an emergency travel document as I'm unable to get a passport that quick. My appointment is for today, the day before I'm getting on the flight. 
So this morning, me and Trey wake up early, go downtown to my appointment at the consulate to get my travel documents. $157 and a few eye rolls later I'm all set to go. I wanted to get feathers in my hair so i go do that. Then i had a doctors appointment. (I need Xanax to get on the plane! Also, because it'll come up later, I refuse to fly alone... yes i know I'm 23). And i was super impressed that i only had to pay $2.67 for the generic. So then we head home and start on my 63987423 loads of laundry that needed to be done so i would actually have some clean clothes for the trip. 
So mum comes home, we need to check in for the flights. I try mine and get the "reservation hasn't been ticketed, please go to the airport for more details" notice. I decide it's probably best not to head to the airport to figure out this situation. Calling continental... 2 hours later  I have a return flight booked from London to Houston. Great! ... But I have no flight to London. For tomorrow. Awesome. So they offered me a flight for Saturday but like i said... panic attack, alone, in a plane... No thanks! So here I am, helping my mum pack... and looking for a new job.

That's my story... Long first blog but i needed to vent.

Such a crazy story. I was about 15 hours from leaving here to maybe stay back in England now every things changed!!!

At least i have my Xanax =)